Hello! I'm Tomoka. I'm originally from Gifu, Japan. 

I love indoor plants, DIY, cooking, eating food (of course!). I'm all about being healthy and being happy!!!

Height: 5”3'

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Dark Brown


Location: New York, NY

About Me

Special Skills

Comfort Women | Malsoon Lee | Off-Broadway,  Dir. Dimo Kim​

  • Japanese (Native)

  • Tate (Japanese sword fighting)

  • Mezzo Soprano G3-B5

  • Bicycle

  • Muay Thai 

  • Home cooking

  • Ukulele (Beginner)

  • Drawing

  • Hiphop

University Theatre 

The Arabian Nights | Emsemble | CCNY | Dir. Jennifer Tuttle​

Godspell | Emsemble | CCNY | Dir. Rob Barron

RENT | Alexi Darling | KBCC | Dir. Ryan McKinney​

Pretty People | Lena | CCNY | Dir. Oscar Aguirre​


Tokyo Story | Kyoko | NYU student film​

My Sleeping Thoughts | Brianne | CCNY student film​

What The Blind Girl Saw | Kou Murai | NYU student film



Class Pass

Other Performances
Training & Workshops

Neighborhood Playhouse | Meisner Acting Conservatory 

City College of New York | B.A. in Liberal Arts 

Kingsborough Community College | A.S. in Liberal Arts

Acting (Meisner) | Gary Kingston, Ron Stetson

Speech | Colleen Wallnau, Gary Ramsey

Shakespeare | Sean Hagarty, Jennifer Tuttle

Stage Combat  | Brad Lemons

Physical Theatre  | Blake Habermann

Improvisation | Magnet Theatre | Rick Andrews

Singing | Stephen Purdy, Jessica Corbin

Tate (Japanese Sword Fighting) | Kyo Kasumi (TATE Hatoryu NY)

Muay Thai/Boxing | Church Street Boxing Gym

Comfort Woman Concert | Malsoon Lee | 54 Below

Samurai Sword Soul | Performer | Brooklyn Botanical Garden​

© 2020 Tomoka Iwata.

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